Empowering humans to live their best lives

Happy lives

I started Beautiful Brain to enable more humans to live their true selves.

Today, I believe we leverage less than 50% of humanity's potential because of all society's preconceptions and judgments on each human being.

I was one of them. Despite having a successful career working in Silicon Valley as a Product Manager for top companies like Google and Doordash, I felt that I was not living my true potential, and I was mostly unhappy.

After two years of significant life events and reflection, I decided to redesign an authentic life and focus on what matters to me. So now I am on a mission to help others achieve their goals with the Beautiful Brain.

I worked in some of the top companies (Google, DoorDash). Still, I was always chasing something else, wanting something more, and never truly happy. What I needed was less.

What DO WE DO?

Through knowledge sharing,  coaching, and advice, Beautiful Brain allows you to:

Get the tools

Explore tools that I created to help people live their authentic lives. Also, see the list of ideas for future products and join in building them with me.


Feed your brain

Read my articles and check my recommendations for books and podcasts to follow that help you live a meaningful life.

Start Learning

Uncover your ideal self

Get 1:1 coaching with me to help you discover your path to your whole self at your schedule and pace.

Find your True Self

Build better products

Pick my brain to help build products and product organizations in a creative way that fulfills your goals but stays aligned with your vision.

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