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I started building when I learned how to code at 14, which eventually got me into Product Management.
Building products is crucial to scale the impact we can have in making more people live their true selves.
I have more ideas than time, so I share all I have here to find more people interested in building them.

Portfolio of Projects


Here is what I want to build

I care more about the idea to be created than who does it, so I share my list of thoughts publicly. Give me feedback by providing a like in the ones that interest you, or send me a note if you want to partner.

These are ideas to increase the speed to achieve your best self. They either are trying to improve how mindful on how you use your time and to stay on track on the important things you need to do to get to know your self better.

Personal Experimenter

Bring experimentation to your personal growth. A tool that allow you to track personal A/B tests and experiments and measure how you feel.

Portfolio strategy simulator

Create a place where you can simulate different investments' potential outcomes. I would love an easy way to test different portfolio strategies (for example, buy S&P500 every time it drops 10%) and evaluate the results using historical data. Although historical data does not mean it will happen in the future, it can help bring more people to learn about investment and the importance of a balanced portfolio.

Shortcuts tool - a mac app that overlays keyboard shortcuts for the app you are using

Using keyboard shortcuts can make you much more productive, but it takes time to remember. So I want to build a tool for Mac with a shortcut key that shows an overlay of the keyboard shortcuts for the app you are using (and allows you to display the ones you care about).

These are ideas that will help motivate others to discover their best selfs. The ideas are trying to increase the chances that people will discover their passion and work on themselves.

Find your therapy

Finding the right type of therapy and therapist for your moment in life is challenging. And lots of times people give up on therapy because they are doing one that doesn't like. Would be great to have better tools that bridge this gap.

Podcast on local businesses stories

Promote local entrepreneurship by interviewing local business owners. Thinking of starting on my hometown of Porto. Local businesses shape a culture of place and gets much less glorified than tech entrepreneurship. Let's change that.


We are getting more polarized in opinions (for example, democrats vs. republicans), and a big part is how social media reinforces by giving more of what you already think is true. I believe it is important to hear both sides, and I want to create a tool that allows you to see how balanced the people you follow are and suggest people on the other side of the coin to make it more balanced.

Local Businesses Fund - a fund to promote creation of small businesses

Entrepreneurship is important for society and social mobility, but for lots of folks access to capital is not easy. I would love to see a fund created to focus on empowering local entrepreneurs in small businesses.

Clean Park Initiative- social initiative to take ownership of preserving your local park

After having my first son, visits to my local city park become daily. Also, it became daily the number of times I had to pick up trash or prevent my son from going to some dirty areas. Parks can be a fantastic asset to a neighborhood when well-taken care of (inspired by Madrid Rio park), but people don't feel it's theirs. The idea is to create a community way of empowering people to clean their parks and improve them to feel like they are theirs.

These are ideas that will help motivate others to discover their best selfs. The ideas are trying to increase the chances that people will discover their passion and work on themselves.

Airbnb to Web3 bridge

Asset ownership is very important for improving people's lifes, but lots of times the people cannot affort to buy an entire house. Shares in houses are hard to do, but with web3 it might be possible. The idea would be to make a bridge where a Airbnb house might distribute automatically the rent it collects into the token holders.

Web3 ticket processing

I want to learn more about web3, and this is one of the ideas I think web3 can change the paradigm. Event organizers are generally against reselling tickets because they want to avoid second players getting more money. But if tickets are NFTs and they can collect a fee on reselling + giving some restrictions on reselling can be an exciting way of increasing revenue for the event organizers and making a more fluid market for attendees.

Anti-frameworks Product Management interview book

With 400+ hours spent coaching PMs on the interview process, I realize that frameworks sometimes do more harm than good. Therefore, I want to leverage the content I learned through this coaching to create first principles guide to be successful in PM interviews. Also interesting to understand how to run a content business.

Mercearia Moderna - modern small grocery shop

My great-grandfather used to have a small grocery store. There is a different level of curation that you can do in those small stores, inspired by Epicurean Trader in San Francisco. I would love that concept to exist in my hometown of Porto.

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