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Hi, My name is José Miguel Santos. I partner with companies that need help solving product-related problems.

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I will fill the role needed to ensure your problem is solved, from conducting customer interviews to strategy definition.

I only take projects I am passionate about, but I am flexible about the arrangements (part-time, full-time, ad-hoc) and the role I need to play.

While I appreciate experts' value, my value comes from being a generalist. I have worked in many different industries, companies, and geographies, and the value I bring is that I can think differently about problem-solving than most.

I have gone through the full spectrum of product management, from b2c/b2b, e-commerce to health tech, playing IC and manager roles, and I am comfortable playing the part that is needed to get a product to be sucessful.

I am an out-of-box thinker with a diverse experience

Since I was young, I have liked programming and was passionate about technology, so I studied Computer Science, where I learned the potential of technology to change people's lives.

After my degree wanted to learn more about business and joined McKinsey, where I learned how to be great at problem-solving, I moved to New York to consolidate my business insights by doing an MBA at Columbia, where I expanded my network.

I decided to get into Product Management and went to Google, where I worked in e-commerce (Google Shopping) and lived through Innovator's dilemma in real time.

After, I explored the startup world at DoorDash, where I was the PM responsible for launching a new product, 0→1 Storefront (”Shopify for restaurants), in the middle of the pandemic until IPO.

I moved back to Portugal to be close to family with born of my first son and did a sting at SWORD Health as the Head of Product, growing a team from 7 to 20+, reporting to the Founder, where I scaled the product team in hyper-growth phase (Series B to Series D, $2B valuation)

Since establishing Beautiful Brain, I have advised different companies on their product strategy and development

How do I bring value

Better than me talking, read what others have said about me.

José has a talent for understanding complex systems, and he has a first principles approach that allows him to identify opportunity areas quickly within these complex systems.

José is fantastic at first principles thinking which allows him to cut through complexity. He is also very good at operating at a low level of detail.

I was immediately impressed by how deep a product thinker José was. He's the epitome of first principles. Conversations with him often ended in "huh, no one has ever thought of this problem in this way"

José is always able to get into the weeds, and have a knack for seeing around the corner on edge cases and things we’re not talking about.

José is great at analytical problems and overall getting things done. I have been impressed by his abilities in such type of problems.

José has tremendous domain knowledge and a healthy level of skepticism. On his role, he had to collaborate with a very large XFN team and engineering teams on multiple teams/sites to arrive on a conclusion of what should be the MVP.

Jose is super goal oriented. He can think extremely quickly on the spot and estimate impact of a specific feature/project and help align the team on its prioritization. He asks the hard questions and proposes alternatives.

Data driven- José is amazing at quickly determining impact and exploring alternatives (why should I care?)

José is great at differentiating opinions from facts and quickly drilling down on priorities/impact based on a few data points

He is highly trusting of his team, and that motivates us to put out great work (and self-manage with timelines) because we're trusted to do so.

Overall, I loved working with José, and I'm grateful to have been on his team. I think he's extremely smart and the exact type of person I want to work with -- humble, a great critical thinker, and someone willing to challenge the status-quo, even if things "seem" to be working well.

José has a level of clarity, kindness, and quiet strength that this world lacks.  Despite all the stress, deadlines, and moving targets - you never let it change how you treated those around you.